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Prenatal yoga & HypnoBirthing - video for home practice

Updated: May 19, 2021

I had a chance to work with Naif on their launch of natural pregnancy products. And as a result, we created a video for all expecting moms out there that includes prenatal yoga sequence, breathing for pregnancy and labor, and a final relaxation based on HypnoBirthing.. My favorite combination when it comes to preparing for birth :-)

How to use this video

1st trimester

Fast forward to 24 min 40 sec and use the breathing practice and final relaxation anytime you feel anxious, tired, have trouble sleeping or simply feel in need of some self-care.

2nd trimester

You are welcome to use the full video as is. If at any moment you feel sharp pain, step back to the previous pose. Tension from stretching the muscles may mean we are using the muscles that we haven't used for a while but sharp pain is not ok, we need to be cautious then.

If you have any specific condition that is not touched upon in the video, please reach out to me directly and I will help you find modifications.

3rd trimester

Take it slow. You may have a day when you feel like the full practice. You may also have a day when you like to use it partially - perhaps taking an adapted child's pose in between some of the poses to take some rest (adapted, meaning - make space for your belly). And you may have days when you just feel like rest - then fast forward to the final relaxation at around 29 min and take your well deserved time off. After all you are growing a human being in your belly, it's something that takes energy out of us whether we like it or not, and rest is absolutely welcome here..

And if you wonder why we do what we do in the class, this article will be a great help. It will give you guidance on which parts of your practice to extend, depending on where you are in your pregnancy and how you feel on a day.

Share it with anyone who may benefit it from it, and if you have any questions, always reach out!



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