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Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth (following Birthlight)

About Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth classes

Each woman and each pregnancy are unique. With yoga, we aim at helping each woman to celebrate and enjoy that special time in her life. Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth classes incorporate all the benefits of movement, breathing and deep relaxation, that are needed for everyone, but that are especially required when you are nurturing a new life in your body. Following the Birthlight teachings, the classes promote a holistic approach to birth, integrating body, mind and emotions.

Depending on where you are in your 'Yogic trimesters' of pregnancy, private classes would focus on different elements. 

First trimester: from conception to about 14/16 weeks.

Focus areas during the practice:

  • relaxation,

  • breathing techniques,

  • teachings that support implantation,

  • self-nurture,

  • the formation and function of the placenta,  

  • physical and emotional support for adaptation to change.

  • Yoga asanas would focus on alleviating heartburn, fatigue and lower back pain.

Note: During that time it is not advised to go to group yoga prenatal classes, due to risk of miscarriage at the early stage of pregnancy. However, it is possible to arrange for one on one classes, where woman’s needs of that delicate period can be taken fully on board.


Second trimester, weeks 14/16 – 33. 

Focus areas during the practice:

  • strengthening muscles that support the growing baby, ‘belt and braces’ (under and above the growing uterus), as well as on

  • energizing,

  • expanding breath capacity,

  • lengthening exhalation,

  • building connection with the baby,

  • responding to postural changes,

  • bringing awareness of pelvic floor muscles that will become birthing muscles.

Third trimester, weeks 33 – 40/42

Focus areas during the practice:

  • releasing and learning how to let go,

  • managing possible minor ailments,

  • preparing for birth (that includes birthing breath, as well as birthing positions, and techniques that are handy for labor),

  • preparing for motherhood (teaching include physical and emotional preparation for the change that is about to happen).

About Birthlight

Birthlight is a UK based charitable trust that is dedicated to promoting a sensitive approach to pregnancy, birth and babies. Traditional techniques from Ayurveda have been incorporated and adapted into Birthlight, together with modern Yoga that has evolved between India, America and Europe. Years of practice and research underlie the integrated set of exercises presented in this course. And since there is more and more scientific research related to maternity and the development of fetuses and infants available, also Birthlight teachings keep on evolving with it.

How Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth classes are taught?

  • You can book a single session or a set of classes (5 or 10)

  • Single sessions can be booked online. For multiple classes, please send an email via a button on the right or via a Contact form

  • The length of each class is 90 minutes, unless discussed differently  

  • Preferred location of each class is at Customer's place - this way we can see how to use home space for incorporating yoga practice in their daily activities. We can also discuss alternative locations. Please send a request if needed

Why do I teach prenatal yoga?

"Practice during my pregnancy not only gave me strength during the nine months, prepared me for the day I met my little girl but it also kept me grounded, helped me accept anything coming my way and it was fun! I am very happy I get a chance to share this experience with others as well :)"