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Pregnancy yoga - My Birth Experience 


I attended pregnancy yoga classes from Kasia from 20 weeks pregnant until 40 weeks. Kasia is an experienced yoga teacher and she really taught me many poses to relieve little pains and make me relaxed. Next to the great classes she sent tips via mail which were of a big help and I used the tips and tricks a lot. I practiced at home and in the gym next to going to class every week ofcourse. The closing of the yoga session is shawasana with a hypnobirthing practise. This was great and made me feel very relaxed, exactly what I needed when the pregnancy became harder. During labor I used many of the tips Kasia gave me like breathing, posture and different movements to help the baby get out. During the 'hard part' of the labor we had the music Kasia recommended on the background and it really made me able to relax in between the 'waves'. All in all I am very very thankful for all the guidance Kasia gave me during my pregnancy. I would highly recommend going to her yoga classes and I am sure every one will benefit from it during pregnancy but also during labor.

Thanks a lot for everything! Namaste

May 2019, Amsterdam


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