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Pregnancy yoga - My Birth Experience 


I did pregnancy yoga with Kasia throughout my entire pregnancy. It helped me not only to relax, I also had no pregnancy related physical complaints like lower back pains etc., I believe that is because of the yoga. Kasia creates a calm, personal, intimate atmosphere which makes you feel at ease from day one, also when you haven't done any yoga before. 


The poses and breathing techniques she taught helped me during labor. It wasn't an easy labor -  I had to go to the hospital to get additional hormones - but using the ujjayi breathing technique helped me through labor without any painkillers.  And when they wanted to do a C-section because the baby wasn't positioned correctly, I asked to try for another two hours, got on all fours (on hands and knees) and in this position managed to reposition the baby. No C-section was necessary and the baby was born naturally. 


I would recommend pregnancy yoga with Kasia to any pregnant woman!

May 2019, Amsterdam

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