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HypnoBirthing Group Course (face-to-face)


In Feb 2020 I took the hypnobirthing course with Kasia, found via my midwife practice Femme Amsterdam. I was pregnant with my 3rd daughter and had some traumatic experiences with my first two births, related to serious medical complications. This caused stress and anxiety already early on in my pregnancy and for me and my family I wanted to do something to change my mindset, regain confidence in my body and reduce my stress about giving birth.


That’s when I found out about hypnobirthing and decided to take Kasia’s class. It was pre-lockdown, with two other couples. Very personally tailored, I learned a lot about how your mindset can change your stress response and what breathing can do for you. It felt like a warm bath as we say in The Netherlands. And not only did it help me during pregnancy, I felt so much more relaxed that I actually wanted a home birth. This did not end up happening as I had pre-eclampsia and I was admitted to the hospital at 37 weeks for an induced birth.


The hypnobirthing experience still helped me enormously- I was able to remain in this delivery room and in this birth and I did not go back to my previous traumatic births. Even though I also took pain medication- my mindset was so much different and I had a beautiful birth this time. Very intense and very difficult due to all the complications and stress caused by that - but also very beautiful welcoming our third and last daughter. And because she is our last I am so happy that I look back on it so positively now.


Thank you so much for this Kasia, my family and I are so grateful for this and can recommend it to all moms to be - whether first time of third time! 


October 2020,  Amsterdam

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