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Born September 21st, 2021, with a full moon, in Amsterdam

We wanted to give birth at home if that was possible.  We had a bath in the house and everything was arranged.  We thought 21-9-21 was a very nice date so we did everything we could do on Monday to get it going haha. In the morning we did a nice Mysore practice (I was still practicing 2 times a week) together with David on the Clerqstraat.  Then a lovely day with coffee with my parents, spicy food, pineapple, pressure points etc. haha.  


At 19:30 on Monday I had my first contractions.  Because it was soon every 4 minutes, we called the midwife at 22:00. She came and it turned out that I was already 2cm dilated.  Then we called at about 02:00 in the night and she came again.  I was around 6 cm and after that it continued to 8 cm.  Only the edge of my uterus was not getting thinner and I had already lost a lot of blood, so with screeching tires, 8 cm dilated and urge to push, we drove to OLVG West.  This was really not nice and I had cramps in my legs for a long time and the contractions were very strong and powerful so coping was very difficult.


Eventually in the hospital immediately at 10 cm and after an hour on the birthing stool he was born. David and the midwife helped me through it so very much.  Unfortunately a lot of stitches and I had lost 1 liter of blood so we were glad we were in the hospital. I stayed an hour longer because I had lost so much blood and we were allowed to go home around 12 o'clock.  


Little Teddy was born at 7:11 am.  And with a full moon we think it's very special and really lucky🙏🏻 His second name Chandra is the same name as his daddy David 😊 The little one is doing well and so am I! Thanks for all your tips during the hypnobirthing course 🙏🏻❤️

Marieke and David joined the HypnoBirthing group course in Amsterdam June/July 2021. Both have been practicing yoga thrugh the whole pregnancy of Marieke. Teddy is not only a HypnoBirthing baby, but also an ashtanga baby <3

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