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HypnoBirthing group course via Zoom

I attended Kasia's hypnobirthing course during my second pregnancy. Kasia is a fantastic teacher, she keeps her classes light and is very 'reasonable' in her teachings of hypnobirthing and options for birth.

In addition, what I loved about the course was that Kasia armed us with as many of the birth tools as she possibly could - not just hypnobirthing but also acupressure points, yoga, rebozo, etc.

She shared a lot of very useful materials that helped me build confidence for the birthing process.

Thanks Kasia - I attribute the positive birthing experience I had this time to a lot of the prep you helped me do! And whenever I think of surges (and thought of them during the birth!), I thought of your hands mimicking the ocean.... Thanks again so much!

I have also attended Kasia's yoga classes (online), due to covid restrictions, and again, I love her style and focus on prenatal wellbeing. I can't wait to attend one of her ashtanga classes (in due course...!)


Stuti and her husband joined the online HypnoBirthing course in July 2021

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