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HypnoBirthing group course (online)

We participated in the Online Hypnobirthing course in March 2021, while I was approx. 30 weeks pregnant with our first child. It was recommended to me by a friend who knew Kasia from her yoga class, and I could not be happier I took the advice!


The course provided useful educational information about the birth and the Dutch system, which as expats we really appreciated. Most important, it included the exercise from the hypnobirth techniques including breathing techniques, massage techniques with partners and relaxation scripts. All of them were crucial during my labor! Even though the course was online, Kasia was able to clearly explain and bring them to life via Zoom call. We did not feel that the online format was an impediment to the learning, it felt good to be in the intimacy of our home, for example to directly try the recommended labor positions without feeling silly.


It was more than merely listening to a teacher talking!  Kasia was very proactive in keeping the entire group engaged, by asking direct questions and keeping the atmosphere very friendly and relaxed.


Kasia is a very clear teacher and she is not afraid to walk the extra mile to help. My baby was breech until very late, and she helped me with extra exercises and consultation.

As a first time pregnant, I was insecure and frankly scared of all the changes that were happening in my body and of the labor itself. I decided to take this be...


Selene and her partner joined the March 2021 HypnoBirthing course in Amsterdam 

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