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Independent Maternity Nurse (Kraamzorg)

My name is Sabrina Jordan, I'm a mother of a sweet 16 year old daughter, and have been in maternity care for over 10 years. For the past 5 years I have been working as an independent maternity nurse, and I absolutely love what I'm doing!  


The maternity period is an exciting and very important time in the lives of families that have just extended. Every time I am welcomed in new parents' house I feel grateful for being part of their journey. My aim is to create peace and to keep that time as relaxed as possible. I am very adaptable and easily connect with others. I like to cook for my families once in a while, and I enjoy taking care of other children in the house (one of my specialties :) .


Every morning we make a plan with parents what it is that I can take care of, and I make sure that they can rest, enjoy their 'babymoon' or simply focus on whatever it is that they would like to do that day. I am only satisfied when you are too!

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