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Maya Rose



I still remember contacting Kasia on FB without a smallest clue that hypnobirthing even exists. That was the first time when she opened my eyes. One of many which happened later.


Unfortunately for many years I was surrounded by stories of heavy, traumatic even deliveries, obviously my fear was that mine will also be the same. I didn't know anybody who was actually happy with how their childbirth went. I decided to follow hypnobirthing to free my mind from the drama and fear around giving birth. I knew I need to switch my thinking and prepare mentally for what's coming.


I've made my research about many other birthing courses given in Amsterdam but what convinced me to hypnobirthing given by Kasia was the holistic approach to the birth giving and her positive attitude towards life.


Kasia is very committed and passionate, besides giving an amazing, thorough, inspiring and thoughtful classes, she also teaches prenatal yoga and gives extra online relaxation sessions, which was so worth to join and connect to other mamma's.


I definitely recommend her course, I wouldn't change it for anything else.


October 2020, Amsterdam

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