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Massage Therapist specialized in women's health (pregnancy, postpartum and more)

When a baby is born a mother is also born, and a new mother needs as much care as a newborn baby. She needs to rest, recuperate and bond with her baby. She needs healing support to make her the best mother she can be. Through our experience with postpartum wisdom from all over the world, we will offer warming and nurturing care that every new mother deserves.


We come to your home to massage your body, wrap and care for your belly, provide healing for your perineum, warm and nourish you, so you are honored and welcomed into motherhood. We offer single sessions or package plans for optimal recovery and balanced energy. We love to wrap you in a warm blanket of love. You are not alone, we are standing beside you in your first year as a mother.

You can find Mirjam either at or at

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