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Born May 22nd, 2020 at home in Amsterdam


'When I tried to welcome my baby, I just listened to my body and encouraged my baby to come out to this beautiful world. That is why I could always relax and be happy during my baby's birth! I want to tell you three things about my birth story to help you get ready for your baby's birth.

Firstly, your body and mind already know what you should do. Actually, I moved like a wave in the birth pool for an easier birth. And also I could concentrate my breath imaging that I sent my breath to my baby to help her go outside. The calm and peaceful breathing helps you more than you expect. You can do that. So don't be afraid without birth experience.

Secondly, it is important that you spend the usual schedule on the day of birth.  As you know, birth takes many hours. In my case, I ate well, met my friend, walked with my dogs, and took a nice warm bath. It's very important to accept birth as one part of your life. Of course, birth is one of the most important experiences in your life, but it isn't a "special event".


Finally, you already have super strong supporters. I had a lot of support from my husband and midwife. My husband made meals, prepared bath, and kept saying beautiful words to encourage me. And my midwife said "Listen to your body, you know when your baby wants to go outside so don't worry about it" and I wasn't worried about what should I do. 


P.S. I think all babies know what time is good for their mother. In my case, my baby was born a day after I had done to prepare my hospital bag. So don't worry, your baby will be born at your best timing!

Mari and her husband joined the HypnoBirthing course April 2020 in Amsterdam (via Zoom)

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