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HypnoBirthing group course (face-to-face)

"We've attended Kasia's Hypnobirthing class at Verloskundigen Zuid on Churchilllaan. 

I was only 3/4 months pregnant when we started and I was a bit hesitant to start this early. But this is something I really wanted to do face to face and I was afraid of new Covid related restrictions later on that would require us to follow it remotely...  

It was a great decision ! I'm confident the practices and many tips we've learned will greatly help me during labor but it is also helping (almost) everyday during my pregnancy to fight the pregnancy discomforts that I have the most: headaches and insomnia. 

Additionally, being with a small group of other parents allowed us to better connect with them, we really created a solid network with some and are helping each others in these complicated times. It also allowed for a more individualized course, Kasia was really able to answer all of our questions.

Birth is still ahead of me, but I feel super confident (and a bit impatient) for this great event to come !

Thank you Kasia !"


Mathilde and her husband joined the October 2020 course in Amsterdam

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