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Marjolijn & LO

HypnoBirthing - My Birth Experience


"My husband and I took the hypnobirthing course with Kasia. We were both very happy to learn so much about how to prepare for a natural birth. I always had the intention to give birth in the most natural way possible so the hypnobirthing course was a perfect starting point in that process. The best part was that my husband could be involved in the birthing process as well so it felt more like a joint effort. We were exposed to a number of tools including breathing techniques, dynamic positions during labor and other relaxation methods. Throughout the hypnobirthing course, I was practicing my breathing and spent much time listening to the relaxation tracks. On the day that our baby arrived, I felt prepared for how to approach the birthing experience. I was very focused on my breathing and my husband helped me relax. My time in labor ended up being extremely fast and our beautiful little girl was born within a couple hours from the onset. In the end, my midwife told us that this was the most quick and calm birth she had ever witnessed. We are very thankful for all that we learned from Kasia and highly recommend her course."


December 2018, Amsterdam 

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