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HypnoBirthing group course (face-to-face)

"I met Kasia through pre-natal yoga classes and loved her approach and experience towards pregnancy. I wanted to undertake a hypnobirthing course and when I found out that Kasia was also giving hypnobirthing lessons I did not think twice and signed up with her straight away.

Last week, I had my last hypnobirthing class and really enjoyed it. I am feeling much more calm and well prepared for the birth of my baby. Ready to embrace what comes.

Kasia is always willing to support and available to answer questions outside the classes, she sends helpful tips and videos. She is extremely caring and is very clear about her passion to support women in pregnancy!

Thank you for all your great support Kasia! You are truly amazing!


Mariana and her partner joined the June/July 2021 course in Amsterdam

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