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HypnoBirthing & Prenatal Yoga


I met Kasia during the Covid's lockdown. while I was looking for a Yoga Pregnancy course. At that time I was 14 weeks pregnant, today I am 34 weeks and Kasia is not only my Yoga Teacher but became also our ( my husband and myself) Hypnobirthing Teacher.


My pregnancy journey has not been an easy one, this is the reason why I wanted to find a special way to live this experience

For someone like me who loves 'simple things', the experience of the Hypnobirthing practice allowed to 'materialize' the idea that I could have given birth in the most natural possible way.

Being this a super intimate experience, my fear was not to find someone who could have been in tune with me but luckily I met Kasia ; she is so kind, sweet, full of empathy, extroverted and qualified.


She taught us how to use natural tools to prepare a warm welcome to our little girl ; she highlighted the importance to 'receive' with an open heart, without fear and judgement or sense of guilty, every event that could potentially happened during the labor.

We discussed a lot about the importance of the power of visualization to help in reaching our «perfect» birth and at the same time the importance to not feel attached to it.


Hypnobirthing is not only a prenatal course or a method, but it is a real state of being, and Kasia the perfect teacher to 'translate' all this; she is a person with a big heart, a beautiful smile and a kind soul.


I am extremely happy I came across Kasia and learnt about Hypnobirthing with her.


That is the reason why I highly recommended her.


September 2020,  Switzerland

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