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Liv - Testimonial HypnoBirthing



I didn't have much fear for birthing since my own mother and my mother in law (she's a midwife) provided me with lots of beautiful anecdotes about birthing. Although, before I started the course with Kasia, I must say, saw birthing as the end of being pregnant, and something that's part of it but I was not particularly looking forward to it.. I held a healthy curiosity about birthing, but sometimes questions would arise like: 'How will MY body react?' 'Will I have a lot of pain?', 'what if it takes a very very long time' etc. My method to cope with these questions was: just don't think about it too much and see what happens when the day is there. Also, reading conventional flyers and medical information about birthing didn't appeal to me since they were mainly speaking about pain, pain, pain, more pain and how to deal with that. 


Now, since we've finished the Hypnobirthing course with Kasia, I actually DO look forward to birthing my son or daughter. The way Hypnobirthing looks upon birth, how gentle it can be if you just let your body take over, the combination with breathing exercises and relaxation techniques and the very personal, gentle and loving approach of Kasia made me so excited for the whole thing to happen. For me, the course had the perfect balance between a spiritual and emotional approach and very clear scientific information to let you get in touch with the birthing-mother-to-be inside you. All the little fears I had are gone and more important: I'm very grateful that I will soon be experiencing this wonderful little miracle together with my boyfriend and baby. Thank you for that Kasia! You felt really close and so much more than a teacher or coach.


June 2020, Amsterdam

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