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HypnoBirthing group course at Verloskundigen Zuid

I attended Kasia's prenatal yoga classes during my third trimester and it was one of the highlights of my day, a grounding moment to come back to myself, my body. I used the asanas at home as well and it helped tremendously when I felt discomfort or sore.


My partner and me attended as well the 5 sessions Hypnobirthing course last February/March. This course is fully designed to support mamas AND papas not only during the pregnancy journey, also labor and postpartum.


As my partner put it into words "this should be mandatory for all parents-to-be! I don't feel like a stranger about what labor is and I feel confident and ready about what will be going on when my baby comes".


I feel deeply grateful that Kasia put together such a complete course to get us ready, to feel empowered and knowledgeable about our birth plan and ourselves. In my case, even though I had all in mind and hand for my labor (visualizations, essential oils, yoga mat, rebozo, ear pods for affirmations,...) what helped me the most was the feeling of knowing what's happening, the empowering experience that I had thanks to getting informed and educated beforehand. As they say, wisdom is power!


Thank you Kasia for providing us with it and bringing together a great parents community to rely on ❤️


Laura and Diego joined the group HypnoBirthing course in February 2022

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