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Fernanda - testimonial


HypnoBirthing group course via Zoom

'We took the Hypnobirthing course by Zoom in December, around our 7th month of pregnancy. We are Brazilians and in Brazil C-section is almost the rule for having a child. Most people from our generation, including ourselves, were born from C-section, so our moms have no clue about natural birth. They still think the best way to give birth is in a hospital with medical assistance, even when this is not needed, and this came to be really different from the Dutch reality that we had to understand.


At the beginning, we were really afraid of natural birth and how to deal with it. Hypnobirthing gave us many tools to understand how to cope with our childbirth and the things that are important in this process, like relaxation, fear release, acceptance, meditation, visualization and breathing techniques. Hypnobirthing was more than a childbirth course, it was a life improvement course, because it made us also realize how to deal with anxiety, fear and stress.


Kasia has a calm and relaxed way to teach the course and this made us feel comfortable and secure. The topics of the course gave us confidence for a natural birth and made us empowered, even for a homebirth, if possible. Now, we feel privileged about having a natural birth and fear has left us for good. 


After taking the course, we understand how valuable is peace of mind and daily practice to maximize our chances of a calm and gentle birth. We are truly grateful about this opportunity and the change it has made on us. We hope more people can enjoy this as well and have beautiful births, like the one we are looking forward to, no matter the paths our labor guides us to.'


December 2020,  Amsterdam

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