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Born February 6th, 2021  in a hospital in Amsterdam


Since our son was a bit too small when he was born, we had extra growth echo's during this pregnancy. When I was 39 weeks pregnant they told me it would be best if the labor would happen before week 40 in order to be sure that she wouldn't be too small since the placenta did not seem to function 100% anymore.

At 39 and 5 days the hospital advised me to induce the labor and after thinking about it, I decided to follow the advice. During the pregnancy I said several times that I did not want an induction except if it seemed very urgent but during the pregnancy it changed a bit since medical people advised all the same: it is best for this baby to come out before week 40.

We went in the early morning to the VU and we were positively surprised about the room. It was big, they had a Philips light ball and there was a very relaxed atmosphere. We right away closed the curtains, put off the big lights, put on relaxing music and made it our cozy place.

The nurse and midwife came in and they were very nice. They explained me what was going to happen and most importantly: asked me what I wanted. I told them that I wanted it least as possible medical. I wanted to see what my body would do with the least interventions. They fully understood and accepted that. 

As a start they checked me and I had already dilated 3 cm dilation. This was a good start since I did not have to get a balloon to start the dilation and they could break my water right away.  However it did not work out so they waited 1,5 hours to see if my body did react to the cervical priming that she did while checking my dilation. Nothing happened so after 1,5 hours they tried again and my water broke. They asked if I wanted to have an infusion with oxytocin right away or if I wanted to wait and see if my body would start contractions by itself. I decided to wait and see what happens. After more than an hour nothing happened so we decided together to put the lowest dose oxytocin in an infusion. Another hour passed and nothing happened. My husband and I had a very nice and relaxing day. We listened to music, did watch an episode of a series, talked, laughed, I showered several times.. and from time to time a nurse came by. The only disadvantage was that the baby had to be monitored the whole time so you are connected to a machine. It did not require me to stay in bed so I was sitting on a skippy ball the whole day and as mentioned, I showered several times (then the straps to measure the heart rate could go off). 

After another hour I did not feel much except very small cramps. Together with the midwife we decided to increase the dose of oxytocin a little step. After half an hour my contractions started. They were still light and I could easily breathe and relax. The cozy atmosphere in the room helped me to relax and everyone who came in accepted the atmosphere in the room, spoke soft and went along with our vibe. At around 15 in the afternoon I had 4 contractions every 10 minutes so the nurse said that the midwife will come check soon to see if I have 4 cm dilation and if so, they would take the oxytocin out half an hour later since that would be the point that my body will take over by itself. The midwife came at 15.30 and told me I am at 4 cm so there was a start. From the moment she left the room, the contractions became stronger and short after the nurse took out the infusia. I left the skippy ball and went on all fours. I could fully relax in between the contractions and during the contractions I did breath deep in and out via my nose.


Being on all fours really helped me and reduced the pain a lot. I had to lay on my back in order for the midwife to check me again at 16.40 and that was the moment I felt the difference of lying on your back and being on all fours: lying on my back was unbearable for me. At 16.30 I told the nurse that the baby is already very low and I think she will come out soon. The nurse said that I am probably right so at 16.40 a midwife came in, she checked me and indeed: 10 cm dilation!

At 16.42 I started pushing on all fours and after the second pushing contraction her head was already 'standing', 3 more pushes and at 16.57 our beautiful daughter Fay was born. 

I was very scared for induced labor but looking back at it: it was a great experience. All the nurses and doctors accepted our wishes, the atmosphere was relaxed and I felt I was still in control. It went super fast and I only had 'pain' for 1,5 hours which was something I could handle very well. Looking back at it, it wasn't necessary to be so scared for it at all..




Marloes joined prenatal yoga classes throughout her pregnancy, in person in Amsterdam and via Zoom 

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