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HypnoBirthing group course (face-to-face & online)

My husband and I are expecting our first baby. Coming from Mexico, I was having difficulties wrapping my head around the birthing system in the Netherlands. Some people recommended hypnobirthing to me as a good option to process pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. I have practiced meditation and relaxation before, and I truly enjoy appreciate the benefits of it. However, being the skeptical person that I am, I knew that for this to work, not just for me but also for my partner, we needed to trust the instructor and believe what they were saying.


I heard of Mamamoon school via my midwife and learned that Kasia gave a full hypnobirthing course. I got in touch with her prior to ask a few questions and I loved the way she took the time to explain everything to me,  just to make sure that I would feel comfortable taking the course.  And so we decided to sign up for it. We enrolled in her in-person course at Delight Yoga, as part of the reason for joining a course was to get to know other pregnant couples. However, during our course, I had to do an impromptu trip to Mexico, which made us miss a couple of lessons. Kasia was incredibly flexible and allowed us to join the Zoom course that she was also doing, and so we also experience the virtual course. Both were lovely. I enjoyed being able to do the exercises in the comfort of my home, but also guided by Kasia, as much as I did while we were all in the same room.

What I enjoyed most about Kasia's method is that it feels a little more practical and a bit less "hippie love and flowers"? (I hope that doesn't offend anyone) 

We really feel like the techniques and information we learned are objectively helpful and will be a great tool moving forward.


Thanks, Kasia for sharing your wisdom with us. We are now looking forward to meeting our baby, with less anxiety and no fear of birth. 


Fatima and her husband joined the June/July 2021 course in Amsterdam

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