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HypnoBirthing group course via Zoom

'Last month me and Bruno took part in the Zoom HypnoBirthing course led by Kasia. I was a little bit apprehensive to it being held online, as I was expecting a course which involves a lot of partner exercises, and group experience, and I couldn’t see it happening via the screen.


I couldn't be more wrong! The course was all that and more, because in the end, the only hands you need during the course are your partner’s hands, and Kasia’s explanations and videos she created made it clear for both of us. Her joyful and energetic approach made is really fun to listen, and she addressed all of the couples regularly, so everyone had space to share and get to know each other. Additional benefit of the course happening via Zoom is the fact that during the bad weather days, we could stay in the cozy space of our home, had tea and snacks waiting in hand’s reach, and all the relaxation exercises could be done in the space we already felt most comfortable.


The course gave us a lot of tools to use during labor but also in the daily life - breathing, massages, consciously working on the language we use, and surrounding ourselves with positive attitude and happy anticipation. The course also made us look so much forward to the birth day of our baby!! We just want to live through this moment already, and I know that whatever happens, my partner knows what to do to support me and how to ease the (momentary) discomfort of my body doing its magic. We worked through our fears, which opened us to share and hear, and created an even deeper connection between us. In fact we feel so comfortable and calm now, that due to the course we decided to birth our first child at home, and not in the hospital as initially planned!


I felt super at ease asking all questions during the course, and Kasia is always there to answer questions outside of the course. I feel much more knowledgeable now of how the pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester will look like. 


I couldn’t recommend Kasia and her joyful approach more! 


January 2021,  Amsterdam

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