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Bing & Thomas


HypnoBirthing group course at Delight Yoga

My boyfriend and I took Kasia's hypnobirthing course and really loved it very much. Even though I thought I knew already quite a lot about birth she learned me so so much.


It was super nice to spend time together preparing for our baby to arrive. My boyfriend is so happy that we did it because it gave him so much more sense of what he can do and how he can help me during pregnancy and later during the labor. It made him more confident and therefore more excited for what's coming.


Kasia is really wonderful and does a really great job on the course keeping every class super interesting and beautiful to attend.


We feel like we have a box full of options to chose from to prepare for and help me trough my labor in a natural way. I heard someone say on a podcast: "A lot of woman decide that they want natural labor with no medication but they don't find alternatives for the medication." And exactly that that is what you get in Kasia's course. Many options for you to choose from that work for you to try to find a way to be most comfortable during your labor.


Bing and Thomas joined the group HypnoBirthing course in March/April 2022

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