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HypnoBirthing group course (in person and online)

My husband and I joined Kasia’s HypnoBirthing course (in-person and online) to prepare for the birth of our first child. Having practiced meditation for several years, I felt that HypnoBirthing could be a good way for me to approach the delivery, so I started practicing with audio tracks early on during my pregnancy. At the same time, I knew that I could not do this on my own but wanted and needed my partner to be involved. He had no prior experience with meditation, yoga, hypnosis, or any there-like but was open-minded (and a little critical).


In order to bring us both on the same page, we signed up for Kasia’s course. Her kind, charming and matter-of-fact way of introducing not only the most important aspects of childbirth in general, but childbirth in the Netherlands specifically and the basics of HypnoBirthing was simply perfect! As we wanted to use the small time window of low Covid numbers and physical fitness to visit our families abroad, Kasia kindly organized for us to attend two sessions online.


Both the in-person and the online format worked well and allowed us to connect with others. The course sparked many conversations between us and also helped us to discuss and prepare for uncomfortable situations (e.g., medical interventions). And that was necessary as it turned out: instead of the calm, natural home birth I had hoped for, the delivery needed to be induced early for medical reasons.


Throughout a long delivery and many interventions, the hypnosis and breathing techniques taught in the course provided a great refuge and gave me the strength and calmness I had hoped for.  Due to the course and its strong involvement of the birth partner, my husband also knew how to support me and felt in control.


We are both truly grateful for Kasia’s guidance and support - not only during but also after the course - and can highly recommend taking it.


Anna and her husband joined the June 2021 HypnoBirthing course in Amsterdam 

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