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HypnoBirthing group course via Zoom

'We truly enjoyed the Hypnobirthing Zoom Course with Kasia and our lovely classmates. The 5-evenings course was emotive and fun and it went smoothly thanks to the great atmosphere created by Kasia.


The only thing we had some doubts about beforehand was how is it going to manage the physical exercises with no physical contact? But even those were perfectly explained by Kasia and we could practice them all without any problem. You can definitely say Kasia is a good teacher!


We are plenty confident about the Hypnobirthing method, we trust the techniques Kasia taught us as well as the natural knowledge that the body has to give birth. As result, we are waiting for that day free of fears and plenty of excitement.


Thanks, Kasia for sharing your knowledge and the couples for being so kind. Ana and Manu'


December 2020,  Amsterdam

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