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Born March 27th, 2019

'Unexpectedly since yesterday, our little girl is with us 😍🤱🏻❤

And believe it or not, we delivered her at home instead of OLVG!!!! It’s been progressing quite fast after water breakage and the midwifes were so proud and impressed how quietly and strongly I mastered it all “in my zone”, with A.’s support and our girl’s super strong heart beat! AND OF COURSE due to your support getting us to this stage ❤😘


While delivery itself was ‘fast’ they said - from water breaking at 4:40 Tue night and her born at 11:40 on Wed - it did feel much longer for me since I started getting such lower back pain since Monday before lunch already! Which I had no idea existed as ‘back surges’ so I kept waiting for an actual one in my belly which never actually came! Strange but oh well ☺️ So almost 48hrs of 'prework'  by my body got me to already be at 8-9cm dilation when midwife arrived, so hospital would be too late and to be honest, NO way I could have imagined even getting into an Uber and thus getting out of my rhythm (...and thought poor guy would also prefer a night ride without a pregnant lady😄)! So being able to stay at home was actually best thing that could have happened or us! Such a nice experience!


During all those hours, some poses we learned absolutely saved me!!! Like circling of my pelvis and getting light touch massages (we had to find right level of pressure) from A. when leaning forward on a table with a pillow under my arms worked, while ‘polar bear’ I liked before didn’t work for me to rest anymore. A. had notes from our HB sessions with him for reference and so good we actually got to ‘practice’ them during the first hours of the surges (which we still thought was just ‘something else’) to see what works and then once it got stronger we didn’t even have to communicate anymore but more intuitively and smoothly could do the best ones, together and without even talking but only body language! A. was a bit afraid I’d loose too much energy though standing and walking but for me it seemed better than lying as I was more ‘busy’.


The amazing thing was that additional small things were sooo effective: keeping eyes closed as much as possible, shutting curtains and playing soft piano music gave me a perfect little world to get lost in and focus on breathing - with some sound only being made to release (but via nose only!) the intensity and also to indicate better to myself and A. that the ones with sound are the ones to measure the surge time and strength and that once the sound is over I could relax again better. Funny enough, having kept my eyes closed in my trance state only made me realize hours later what’s been prepared at home and who was actually the! The overall calmness in our apartment, in our interactions and also amongst midwifes (whispering), was so nice! And not only the experience itself was soooo rewarding it also hearing over and over how impressed they were on how well me, us and our girl were handling it, being such a strong team together without words but lots of love, support and confidence 😍


Still can’t believe it! And A. is also so proud and happy how it all went and his involved and important role in it! More than he even imagined it to be 😉

Our little girl is doing so well from the start! So sweet 😍 With 3040g less than estimated but super strong and beautiful!

Again, can’t thank you enough for preparing us for this amazing experience 


Lots of love!!!'

N & A joined HypnoBirthing course Jan/Feb 2019

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