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The seventh series in Ashtanga yoga is the most rewarding, yet also the most challenging. It represents family.

Thanks to a combination of my yoga practice and taking a HypnoBirthing course I was able to let go of my fears of giving birth. Without the fear, I grew used to the idea of birthing my beautiful daughter and becoming a mom. It was an amazing journey that left me prepared and ready to adapt to the changes that continue to come. 


It is this preparation that I would like to share with you as you get ready to begin your seventh series. Whether it be readying yourself for birth and letting go of fear with a HypnoBirthing course, improving how you feel during your pregnancy with prenatal yoga, or simply becoming a calmer, happier person through Ashtanga practice.


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"Never been fascinated by yoga, until I met Kasia. She definitely opened my love for it! She’s a fantastic teacher that knows to push your limits, you’d be surprised how much you can do while you think you can’t! Her positive energy and patience is definitely something I really admire in her. She also easily adapts to any level and pace, making it very comfortable to try & explore your body! Just try it!


"A birth preparation class with Kasia was a really nice experience that left us confident we have everything in our hands for a safe delivery and start of our family life...


"I did a hypnobirthing class with Kasia. She is an excellent hypnobirthing teacher. She responded to all my doubts in a very clear way and made me feel positive about the birth of my baby (expected on 17 October 2018). I believe it will go very well!


"My first introduction to yoga was with Kasia. Before classes started I thought yoga was not something for me. But after only a few lessons from Kasia, I got hooked. The clear explanations, her patience, and her personal attention made me progress quickly. I felt comfortable yet challenged, for me the perfect way to explore more in yoga. After half a year of her teachings I feel a lot better in my body: my back pain subsided, and I can easily touch my toes!  She also gave me small lessons for home, to continue lessons when I am not available to join her class. I can surely recommend her! 

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