Liv - Testimonial HypnoBirthing



I didn't have much fear for birthing since my own mother and my mother in law (she's a midwife) provided me with lots of beautiful anecdotes about birthing. Although, before I started the course with Kasia, I must say, saw birthing as the end of being pregnant, and something that's part of it but I was not particularly looking forward to it.. I held a healthy curiosity about birthing, but sometimes questions would arise like: 'How will MY body react?' 'Will I have a lot of pain?', 'what if it takes a very very long time' etc. My method to cope with these questions was: just don't think about it too much and see what happens when the day is there. Also, reading conventional flyers and medical information about birthing didn't appeal to me since they were mainly speaking about pain, pain, pain, more pain and how to deal with that. 


Now, since we've finished the Hypnobirthing course with Kasia, I actually DO look forward to birthing my son or daughter. The way Hypnobirthing looks upon birth, how gentle it can be if you just let your body take over, the combination with breathing exercises and relaxation techniques and the very personal, gentle and loving approach of Kasia made me so excited for the whole thing to happen. For me, the course had the perfect balance between a spiritual and emotional approach and very clear scientific information to let you get in touch with the birthing-mother-to-be inside you. All the little fears I had are gone and more important: I'm very grateful that I will soon be experiencing this wonderful little miracle together with my boyfriend and baby. Thank you for that Kasia! You felt really close and so much more than a teacher or coach.


June 2020, Amsterdam

Anne - Testimonial



I’m so happy and grateful I came across Kasia and the Seventh Series hypnobirthing course during my pregnancy. It made me approach these few months with a much more calm, relaxed attitude, and deep trust in my body and its ability to birth my baby.

The breathing exercises are useful beyond pregnancy and birth, and I find myself applying them in a lot of daily life situations as well. That, paired with a sense of gratitude, and positivity that came from the course, the yoga and meditation sessions and Kasia’s energy, makes me approach birth with a renewed confidence in myself and my body, and a real excitement for the big day.

Kasia went above and beyond to help me turn my baby from breech to head down, and despite the challenges brought by the COVID, she managed to run the class through Zoom and make us feel included as part of the group and comfortable. Thank you Kasia!


May 2020, Amsterdam


Pregnancy yoga & Live streaming Mama & baby yoga


I took part in several prenatal yoga classes with Kasia (then also pregnant herself with Miko in her belly), where I could really enjoy my pregnancy. 

Her classes helped to prepare mentally and physically to giving birth and also share my experiences with other mommy's-to-be. It was so much fun and at the same time grounding and acknowledging the big transformation my body was going through. Kasia makes sure you feel strong and balanced in this journey. She gives the right amount of power and challenge in her classes and also let's you take rest, so you can meet your own needs. 

Now that my son Arthur is born, it is great to meet up with Kasia again, this time online in Mama and baby classes. 

She helps to get my body and pelvic floor muscles back in shape with the Ashtanga practice and makes sure you can take the class with your baby at your side. Quite a challenge ;) but manageable with Kasia's tips up front and also very special to experience. 

Thank you Kasia for your great yoga teachings! Namaste


April 2020, Utrecht


Online & Live streaming Pregnancy yoga


I've been practicing online yoga with Kasia since the mid of my pregnancy. After each practice I could feel my body was getting so relaxed and flexible that I decided to practice Kasia's sequences every day. I made it my evening ritual and it became my favorite part of the day. 


I am now 37 weeks pregnant, I move easily and do not experience any pain in my body and I am sure it is thanks to yoga. I like the way Kasia guides the classes - starting with an informal chat, then proceeding with various types of exercises and finishing with breathing techniques and savasana.


I'd recommend Kasia's yoga classes to any pregnant lady!

April 2020, Copenhagen


HypnoBirthing - My Birth Experience 


When I knew I would be induced for medical reasons, I started experiencing a lot of anxiety. A friend of mine recommended me to read about Hypnobirthing since it could help me feel calmer and even feel more in control during labor.

My anxiety came from the birth of my son. I was also induced for his birth, and unfortunately it was too long and too painful. I pretty much felt that things happened to me, I saw doctors and nurses making decisions for me while I stood there not knowing what to say or do. Fast forward a few months and there I was, still in pain, with post partum depression and a tiny baby that needed my help when I needed help as well.

For my second pregnancy, I was determined to make things differently, but by the time I learned about Hypnobirthing I was already 34 weeks pregnant- Luckily, I found Kasia. Who was kind enough to taylor a one day Hypnobirthing course for me, where she taught me about breathing techniques, methods to produce my own oxytocin, visualisation exercises and postures to help ease the pain and get the baby into position.

I was admitted to the hospital at 37 weeks to start the induction. Kasia was such a sweetheart that she even came to see me at the hospital to practice breathing techniques and some postures to get the baby into the perfect position for birth.

My waters were finally broken on the fourth day of induction at 9 am. I asked the doctor and nurses to delay giving me the oxytocin as much as possible. I started with 3 cm dilation and by listening to music, laughing and playing board games with my husband in a couple of hours I managed to dilate 2 cm more. I was creating my own oxytocin :)

The Dr still wanted to start me on oxytocin so we started with a low dose. Surges were coming but I was able to handle them through breathing and by listening to my favourite music. The doctor and the nurses were surprised that I had not asked for an epidural just yet.

At 2 pm they increased the oxytocin to a level where I was having 6 surges in less than 10 min. That was a lot, and quite intense, but I was still managing through breathing, and by then, I had switched the music to relaxing tunes and mantras to get me through the intensity of the surges. I then, asked for an epidural, but it did not work and suddenly my blood pressure started rising.

While doctors were running some tests, exploring an alternative to epidural and calling the anesthesiologist back, I was still managing the intensity through breathing and visualisation. With every breathing, with every surge I asked my body to open up, to dilate, to bring my baby safe. I talked to my baby and asked to be ready, to be prepared.

Finally when the gyno and the anaesthesiologist came to the room with an alternative to the epidural, I felt I just needed to push her out. I was 9 cm dilated.

We waited a little longer for that last centimetre and started breathing in and out strongly. Doctor asked me to push so I pictured by body blooming like a flower, letting my baby girl out with everytime I pushed. It was fantastic feeling every nerve on my body, every fibre, every cell. Doctors and nurses later pointed out how the relaxing music was relaxing for them as well.

I also suffered from a hemorrage aftewards, but my levels of oxytocin were such that I just not scared at all. I trusted the doctors completely, I asked my body to cooperate and heal. I felt confident I was in the best hands to help me go through it. And I was.

It was a beautiful birth, a beautiful process and I cannot thank Kasia enough for guiding me and giving me the tools to do what I did, for her warmth and care. I felt her support the whole time, I kept her words in my head. I am 7 weeks post partum now and I feel calm and happy. I was finally able to heal my first birthing experience and to fully enjoy the birth of my baby girl. Thanks a million, Kasia!

March 2020, Amsterdam


Pregnancy yoga


I met Kasia by the end of my pregnancy, I wish I could have met her earlier because in very short time I learnt very important things that helped me a lot during my delivery. She was amazing and very passionate and took the necessary time to give me good advice. 


Thanks to her advice I had the best delivery I could ever imagine, we create such a peaceful environment where I was totally under control of my body, no stress, no rush, just letting it happen (was a 10 hours delivery).


My compliments to Kasia for doing such a great job by helping people to have the best experience in one of the most important events in life!


February 2020, Amsterdam


HypnoBirthing & Pregnancy yoga


We did a private refresher hypnobirthing course with Kasia in the comfort of our home for our second birth. She is so warm, fun, and extremely knowledgeable. She shared great tips and ideas for labor and covered the material we needed most. I also had the pleasure of taking a prenatal yoga class with her which left me feeling refreshed and relaxed. I would certainly recommend Kasia for anyone looking for a fun and expert hypnobirthing education for their birth.


January 2020, Amsterdam




It was great to prepare myself and my partner for giving birth to our first baby through Hypnobirthing with Kasia. We both liked her personal way of working. She is a very warm person and it felt supernatural to have her in our house to teach us all about Hypnobirthing during the course. She gave me more confidence and taught me how to trust my body. I was able to fully surrender to what was happening.

Since she also teaches pregnancy yoga classes and is an experienced mom, she has so many more tools to help and prepare very well for the delivery. She knows what she is talking about. That came in very handy. Kasia rocks!

September 2019, Amsterdam


Pregnancy and Birth Preparation Workshop


I attended the delivery workshop with Kasia, whom I knew from the prenatal yoga classes. The workshop was very useful to learn  about natural birthing options, positioning the baby, labor progress, breathing techniques in each stage and labor positions and partner pain relieve options. Overall it gave me more security on my options for labor and a lot of confidence to manage it. Also it got me started in hypnobirthing and I am now a big advocate for it.


Kasia is a great teacher and communicator, and made all explanations easy and practical, I would definitely recommend this workshop to all expecting mothers. My labor will start in the coming weeks and I am looking forward to apply what I've learned.

August 2019, Amsterdam


Pregnancy yoga


I did prenatal yoga classes with Kasia from my 20th week to the end and I can truly say it was one of the best things I did during my pregnancy. I was trying to be a daily practitioner for some time before pregnancy and her lessons and weekly mails containing tips for home practice kept me motivated to continue daily practicing during pregnancy as well. The poses and especially breathing techniques she taught helped me a lot to relax and cope with the pain. Besides being a superb yoga teacher she creates a calming and friendly atmosphere in her classes which also made me to look forward to go the classes even at the times I was moody and you know you can be moody from time to time during the pregnancy  ;) 

I would definitely recommend prenatal yoga with Kasia to any pregnant woman!

Thanks for everything

July 2019, Amsterdam


Ashtanga yoga


Last year I followed Ashtanga Vinyasa classes with Kasia. The atmosphere is really relaxed even though the exercises are hard and sweaty! I really like the way Kasia teaches, by not only showing exercises but also help you to go further or deeper on a pace that works good for the students. 
When I announced to be pregnant, she concluded that it was still possible for me to follow the Ashtanga Vinyasa classes and advised me some adjusted exercises based on her own experience, which made me feel totally safe and comfortable.

June 2019, Amsterdam


Mamamoon - Pregnancy weekend retreat


I had some doubts about joining the retreat since I was at the late stage of my pregnancy (37,5 weeks). But I loved it!!!

Both Nina and Kasia did an amazing job! They created a super interesting and diverse program. The total atmosphere of the event was great! Most of the participants, met each other for the first time, however everyone felt very welcomed.


I would definitely recommend it to all the mothers to be and hope to join a similar event for young mothers, together with the little one this time :) 

June 2019, Haarlem


Pregnancy yoga - My Birth Experience 


I attended pregnancy yoga classes from Kasia from 20 weeks pregnant until 40 weeks. Kasia is an experienced yoga teacher and she really taught me many poses to relieve little pains and make me relaxed. Next to the great classes she sent tips via mail which were of a big help and I used the tips and tricks a lot. I practiced at home and in the gym next to going to class every week ofcourse. The closing of the yoga session is shawasana with a hypnobirthing practise. This was great and made me feel very relaxed, exactly what I needed when the pregnancy became harder. During labor I used many of the tips Kasia gave me like breathing, posture and different movements to help the baby get out. During the 'hard part' of the labor we had the music Kasia recommended on the background and it really made me able to relax in between the 'waves'. All in all I am very very thankful for all the guidance Kasia gave me during my pregnancy. I would highly recommend going to her yoga classes and I am sure every one will benefit from it during pregnancy but also during labor.

Thanks a lot for everything! Namaste

May 2019, Amsterdam



Pregnancy yoga - My Birth Experience 


I did pregnancy yoga with Kasia throughout my entire pregnancy. It helped me not only to relax, I also had no pregnancy related physical complaints like lower back pains etc., I believe that is because of the yoga. Kasia creates a calm, personal, intimate atmosphere which makes you feel at ease from day one, also when you haven't done any yoga before. 


The poses and breathing techniques she taught helped me during labor. It wasn't an easy labor -  I had to go to the hospital to get additional hormones - but using the ujjayi breathing technique helped me through labor without any painkillers.  And when they wanted to do a C-section because the baby wasn't positioned correctly, I asked to try for another two hours, got on all fours (on hands and knees) and in this position managed to reposition the baby. No C-section was necessary and the baby was born naturally. 


I would recommend pregnancy yoga with Kasia to any pregnant woman!

May 2019, Amsterdam


HypnoBirthing - My Birth Experience 


When I was pregnant, I felt the need to do all as natural as possible which brought me to hypnobirthing. My husband and me decided to follow the hypnobirthing course with Kasia in the comfort of our own home. The course had a clear structure and Kasia has a special power to explain everything in such a way that you will remember it because of her enthusiasm and the nice stories she tells. We learnt a lot from her; all phases of birth with corresponding breathing techniques, relaxation/visualization/massage techniques, different postures to relief discomfort during pregnancy and birth and to develop confidence in ourselves. It was very nice that my husband was involved in every session so we could share this exciting adventure even more and he acquired enough tools so he could play an active role during the big day/night.


We planned our birth to be as natural and intimate as possible at the comfort of our own home in a big bath that we rented with only 4 of us (our midwife, maternity nurse, my husband and me). But unfortunately, everything went completely different; I gave birth in the hospital, had many interventions and different people around us (as they work in 8 hour shifts), I was given oxytocin and an epidural. Thanks to the hypnobirthing course and my husband I could stay calm, optimistic, motivated and accept the situation as it was and work with the surges with help of the breathing techniques and affirmations that we learnt from Kasia.


My husband supported me in many great ways; put beautiful music on alternated with the hypnobirthing affirmations and rainbow relaxation, he used very positive words that motivated me, he gave me little snacks and drinks, he told me to relax when he noticed I was tense, he used light touch massage and gave pressure against my lower back when a big surge was coming. We asked for a birth ball and most of the surges I caught on this ball with my husband sitting behind me giving some pressure against my back. I still remember when the doctor and nurse entered our room for a check, my husband and me were receiving a big surge and the doctor and nurse waited until it was gone. They told us that it looked so beautiful how we did that together that they were afraid to disturb and wanted to walk away. And I was told that I was breathing so well which made me proud and motivated to continue. Working together with my husband was a beautiful experience!


The most interesting lesson I learnt that gave me a feeling of ease is that you don't have to do anything at all as your body is made for this and together with your baby it knows exactly what to do and when, so just follow the signs of your body and stay calm. Looking back at my birth, I see how resilient I was and I am sure that this is thanks to the course with Kasia! As one of my friends said to me; 'It's much more brave to be so resilient when things go completely different than expected than to follow your original plan' and I think she is right so although my birth went completely different than I dreamt it to be, I am proud of how I dealt with the situation.     

April 2019, Amsterdam


Pregnancy Yoga


Pregnancy yoga with Kasia is very inspiring and helpful to prepare for the delivery. The poses are convenient and Kasia teaches in a way so that you and your body remember the poses. Also the emails with the short practice rounds to do at home are helpful. Thanks Kasia!!



Pregnancy Yoga


Really enjoyed Kasia’s pregnancy yoga classes - the perfect mix of yoga, hypnobirthing & calming techniques and empowerment to prepare for birth!


HypnoBirthing - My Birth Experience

N. & A.

“Hi girl! Hope you are having a great time in Italy!

While I had thought it’s such a pity not to do a very last yoga session on Wednesday prior to the due date, we also got quite the blast here instead - unexpectedly since yesterday, our little girl is with us 😍🤱🏻❤

And believe it or not, we delivered her at home instead of OLVG!!!! It’s been progressing quite fast after water breakage and the midwifes were so proud and impressed how quietly and strongly I mastered it all “in my zone”, with A.’s support and our girl’s super strong heart beat! AND OF COURSE due to your support getting us to this stage ❤😘


While delivery itself was ‘fast’ they said - from water breaking at 4:40 Tue night and her born at 11:40 on Wed - it did feel much longer for me since I started getting such lower back pain since Monday before lunch already! Which I had no idea existed as ‘back surges’ so I kept waiting for an actual one in my belly which never actually came! Strange but oh well ☺️ So almost 48hrs of 'prework'  by my body got me to already be at 8-9cm dilation when midwife arrived, so hospital would be too late and to be honest, NO way I could have imagined even getting into an Uber and thus getting out of my rhythm (...and thought poor guy would also prefer a night ride without a pregnant lady😄)! So being able to stay at home was actually best thing that could have happened or us! Such a nice experience!


During all those hours, some poses we learned absolutely saved me!!! Like circling of my pelvis and getting light touch massages (we had to find right level of pressure) from A. when leaning forward on a table with a pillow under my arms worked, while ‘polar bear’ I liked before didn’t work for me to rest anymore. A. had notes from our HB sessions with him for reference and so good we actually got to ‘practice’ them during the first hours of the surges (which we still thought was just ‘something else’) to see what works and then once it got stronger we didn’t even have to communicate anymore but more intuitively and smoothly could do the best ones, together and without even talking but only body language! A. was a bit afraid I’d loose too much energy though standing and walking but for me it seemed better than lying as I was more ‘busy’.


The amazing thing was that additional small things were sooo effective: keeping eyes closed as much as possible, shutting curtains and playing soft piano music gave me a perfect little world to get lost in and focus on breathing - with some sound only being made to release (but via nose only!) the intensity and also to indicate better to myself and A. that the ones with sound are the ones to measure the surge time and strength and that once the sound is over I could relax again better. Funny enough, having kept my eyes closed in my trance state only made me realize hours later what’s been prepared at home and who was actually the! The overall calmness in our apartment, in our interactions and also amongst midwifes (whispering), was so nice! And not only the experience itself was soooo rewarding it also hearing over and over how impressed they were on how well me, us and our girl were handling it, being such a strong team together without words but lots of love, support and confidence 😍


Still can’t believe it! And A. is also so proud and happy how it all went and his involved and important role in it! More than he even imagined it to be 😉

Our little girl is doing so well from the start! So sweet 😍 With 3040g less than estimated but super strong and beautiful!

Again, can’t thank you enough for preparing us for this amazing experience 😍

Now only wish there was also a way to prepare ourselves for the next 18+ years to come 😉 But in any case, we are so excited for it and know we can and will do well together 👨‍👩‍👧


Lots of love!!!”

March 2019, Amsterdam

Marjolijn & LO

HypnoBirthing - My Birth Experience


"My husband and I took the hypnobirthing course with Kasia. We were both very happy to learn so much about how to prepare for a natural birth. I always had the intention to give birth in the most natural way possible so the hypnobirthing course was a perfect starting point in that process. The best part was that my husband could be involved in the birthing process as well so it felt more like a joint effort. We were exposed to a number of tools including breathing techniques, dynamic positions during labor and other relaxation methods. Throughout the hypnobirthing course, I was practicing my breathing and spent much time listening to the relaxation tracks. On the day that our baby arrived, I felt prepared for how to approach the birthing experience. I was very focused on my breathing and my husband helped me relax. My time in labor ended up being extremely fast and our beautiful little girl was born within a couple hours from the onset. In the end, my midwife told us that this was the most quick and calm birth she had ever witnessed. We are very thankful for all that we learned from Kasia and highly recommend her course."


December 2018, Amsterdam 


Pregnancy Yoga 


Kasia joined the You Can Yoga team in Amsterdam in September 2018. Her Pregnancy yoga classes were completely new on the schedule but became very popular in no time - you really have to sign up before, since the classes get full every week now. We also had a chance to organize a couple of Pregnancy and birth preparation workshops at the school, in which Kasia was sharing practices from HypnoBirthing and Birthlight yoga. Our ladies loved it, and came back as regular students in Pregnancy classes.
She combines a great passion for yoga, pregnancy journey, what in combination with her being a mom of a two year old, and expecting another one soon, allows her to connect easily with students and give them the support they need.


Birth Preparation Class


A birth preparation class with Kasia was a really nice experience that left us confident we have everything in our hands for a safe delivery and start of our family life...




I did a hypnobirthing class with Kasia. She is an excellent hypnobirthing teacher. She responded to all my doubts in a very clear way and made me feel positive about the birth of my baby (expected on 17 October 2018). I believe it will go very well!




My first introduction to yoga was with Kasia. Before classes started I thought yoga was not something for me. But after only a few lessons from Kasia, I got hooked. The clear explanations, her patience, and her personal attention made me progress quickly. I felt comfortable yet challenged, for me the perfect way to explore more in yoga. After half a year of her teachings I feel a lot better in my body: my back pain subsided, and I can easily touch my toes!  She also gave me small lessons for home, to continue lessons when I am not available to join her class. I can surely recommend her! 




Never been fascinated by yoga, until I met Kasia. She definitely opened my love for it! She’s a fantastic teacher that knows to push your limits, you’d be surprised how much you can do while you think you can’t! Her positive energy and patience is definitely something I really admire in her. She also easily adapts to any level and pace, making it very comfortable to try & explore your body! Just try it!




Kasia is an amazing yoga teacher. She makes you feel at ease and shows you that everyone can do yoga (even if you're an inflexible person like me!). It's crazy to see how much your posture and flexibility improves each class. Over time, you will definitely see progress! If you're looking for a wonderful yoga teacher, don't look any further. Kasia is the best teacher you can get!




Kasia is a great yoga teacher: she easily adapts her level to yours, making it fit for starters and more experienced yogis. As a beginner, I really like how Kasia balances between getting the basics right and pushing my boundaries - essential to grow in yoga. Her personal touch make the classes fun to join, it’s a relaxed yet experience full of learnings.

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